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Offered in English and Arabic

Flexibility to fit your needs.

If possible, I recommend all clients have in-person consultations out of my office . However, if it is impossible or inconvenient, I also offer phone or virtual sessions. 

Initial Consultation - $235

Nutrition Counselling

During the initial one-hour consultation, Sara will collect relevant nutrition, behavior, and medical information from you. Together you will determine your nutrition/health goals for treatment and how to implement small, realistic changes into your dietary pattern. Basic nutrition education is provided and a meal plan may be designed, if indicated.

*If you are under 18, a parent or legal guardian is asked to attend the initial

consultation. Their presence is not required at future sessions unless

clinically indicated.

Follow-Up Sessions - $85

Nutrition Counselling

During half hour follow-up sessions, Sara will review your eating and behavior patterns since your last visit. The two of you will discuss what went well and where you may have struggled. Strategies along with more extensive nutrition education will be provided to help move you closer to your goals.

Grocery Store Tour/Restaurant Dining Group

Individual or Group

Grocery Store Tour

Walking through a grocery store can be a daunting and challenging task

when you are unsure how to make healthy choices. The grocery tours walk

you through each aisle and point out healthy options and alternatives; learn

how to shop on a budget, and which aisles to avoid. Sara also teaches

individuals how to properly read nutrition labels and discuss the differences

between servings and portion sizes. The 60 minute tour is fun and

educational and permits time for any questions you may have. 

We will also provide extra resources for you to take home and assist you

with grocery shopping on your own. Booking a grocery tour can be an

individual or group activity.

Your Investment:

•Individual Session: $170.00

•Groups of 2-5: $200.00

•Groups of 6-10: $250.00

Restaurant Dining Group

Do you find yourself home, alone, because your friends are dining at a restaurant and you are too nervous to join them? Does looking at a menu heighten your anxiety? Do you find yourself picking only safe foods? Join others who feel the same way in Sara’s Restaurant Dining Group! About once a week this group meets at a different restaurant where members support each other while challenging their food choices and practicing normalized eating. After the meal, Sara and the members go to a local coffee shop and process how the meal went and learn new strategies for successful restaurant eating. This is a very popular group! Contact Sara to reserve a spot for the next outing!

Your Investment:

•Individual Session: $100.00

•Groups of 2-5: $130.00

Groups of 6-10: $200.00


A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upon booking in order to reserve your appointment. The remainder of the payment is due at time of service, in the form of cash, or cheque.

Your health insurance company may or may not cover services provided by a Registered Dietitian.

Upon request, Sara can provide you with the necessary reimbursement paperwork to submit to your insurance company.

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